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MACEO Professional Scholarship Program for Current Members

These scholarships are awarded in June of each year to four random
applicants for those wishing to attend professional development classes. These scholarships are for current MACEO members only.

Criteria for Professional Scholarship Program

1. Applicant must be a current MACEO member.

2. Four (4) $250.00 scholarships will be awarded to four (4) applicants.

3. Class must be related to Code Enforcement, Zoning, Planning, or Building and must be approved by the board.

4. Classes for Act 54 credits are also accepted.

5. Scholarships can be used to pay for books, tests, and classes or certifications.

6. Selection for winners will be drawn in a lottery manner. Example: 50/50 manner.

7. Winners must pay for books, tests, and classes out of their own pocket and submit proof of payment and completion to the board for reimbursement.

8. Winners must wait one (1) year before being eligible for another scholarship.

9. Applications must be turned in or postmarked by May 1st.

10. Drawing will take place at the MACEO June meeting.

11. Winners will have one (1) year to be reimbursed for their books, tests, and classes or certifications. (July 1st until June 30th).

Download Application (.pdf format)