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General Membership Meeting
May 13, 2008
Warren, Michigan

President Niland called the meeting to order at 12:40 pm President Niland requested a motion to approve the minutes from April 8, 2008. Vice President Schuler approved the motion. The motion was supported. The motion carried.

Treasurer Martin reported we have a total of $17, 202.19 combined in our checking and savings accounts.

President Niland asked for a motion to approve all 7 membership scholarships. Member Gysel motioned to approve all 7 membership scholarships. Member Allen supported the motion. The motion carried.

Goals for 2009:
President Niland announced we are working on a flyer to inform non-members and old members what MACEO has to offer. Contact any of the Board Members with suggestions on what you would like to see included in the flyer.

Request for Member Rubin for current grass ordinances for other communities including fines, height of grass, etc.

Vice President Schuler announced the speaker for June will be Randy Brown a landscape specialist. The main topic will be weeds. Randy will also be bring in a Weed Chemical Specialist.

President Niland announced the College Scholarships will be awarded at the June meeting.

50/50 – Lynne Martin – Warren

Lunch – Tammy Hilla – Madison Heights

President Niland requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. Member Penn approved the motion. The motion was supported. The motion carried.

SPEAKER – Tony Dombrowski – Forrester for The City of Madison Heights – Topic: Assessing and diagnosing defective and hazardous trees.

Tony stated there are over 100 native trees in Michigan and a tree needs at least 60% of its circumference to survive. Tony went on to say any tree that leans 40% or more has a great probability of falling.He also said that no trees are insect free.

There are 7 different categories of defective/hazardous trees which are decayed wood, cracks in the trunks and branches, root problems, weak branch unions, dead wood, cankers, & decay.

Mushrooms at the bottom of the tree are signs of inter structural decay. Horizontal cracks in the tree trunk are signs that the tree is failing and should be removed ASAP.

Tony stated one way to determine if a tree is solid or hollow is to use a rubber mallet and hit the tree and listen for different sounds. Another way is to take a core out of the tree by using a long drill bit and examine the amount of the decayed wood.

Submitted by: Kandy Griffeth Secretary