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General Membership Meeting
January 8, 2008
Warren, Michigan

SPEAKERS – Jeannie Niland & Evelyn Malloy – ACE Conference

President Niland spoke about different classes she attended at the ACE conference.  Classes included; How to make a good code enforcement great, officer safety and property maintenance and IRC for certification.

Evelyn spoke about advanced code enforcement techniques class she attended which included knowledge of codes, appearance and mannerisms, know your assigned areas. Make contact with the public and avoid drive by inspections and selective enforcement.  In addition, Evelyn also spoke about a class she had on how to stop graffiti.  She went on to explain some ways to stop graffiti which include; use plant/shrubs around buildings as a deterrence, keep lights on at night, keep properties clean, limit access to roof tops etc., and rapid removal of graffiti that has already occurred.

President Niland requested a motion to approve the Secretary’s minutes from the November 13, 2007 meeting.  Member Penn made a motion to approve the minutes.  Member Altman supported the motion.  The motion carried.

President Niland announced there will be 20 scholarships available for the March conference.  They will be given to Board Members who need them first and the rest will go to the General Membership.  A letter is required from your community stating they cannot afford to send you in order for you to be eligible for a scholarship.  In addition, your membership dues must be paid.

Anyone who receives a scholarship must attend all classes.  If you do not attend the classes, you will not be eligible for another scholarship.

Member Underhill motioned to approve the 20 scholarships.  Member Malloy supported the motion.  The motion carried.

Treasurer Martin reported we have $4, 519.62 in our checking account and $17,038.52 in our savings account.  Member Wiggle motioned to approve the treasurer’s report. The motion was supported the motion carried.


Nominations for officers and board members will be held at the February meeting.

50/50 charity donation of $577.50 will go to Gleaners Food Bank

President Niland announced there will NOT be a March meeting.

50/50 – John - Milford

Lunch – Charlie Altman - Plymouth

Meeting adjourned at 1:25 pm.

NOTE:  Anyone who is planning on attending the March conference and it will take time for your jurisdiction to send the check out, please send Lynn your application so she can add your name to the list.  The money can be paid at the conference when you register.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to register.