MACEO: Michigan Association of Code Enforcement Officers  
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Membership Types
Membership Dues

Membership Types

Active Membership shall be open to any person directly employed by a municipal government to perform the function of code or ordinance enforcement.

Associate Membership shall consist of personnel retired from a municipal government, who were involved in code and ordinance enforcement and contract code enforcement employees actively working for a municipality. Associates membership shall have all rights and privileges of members, except those of voting or holding office.

Membership Dues

Annual dues for Active membership is $60.00 per year and Associate Membership $25.00 per year and are payable by the last day in February each year. Any payments received during the year (except for the month of December) will be applied in whole to the year in which they are paid and will not be pro-rated. Any membership dues received in December will be applied to the following year.

Regular monthly meeting fees (which include training and lunch) are $20.00.

Membership Application

MACEO Membership Application (download in .pdf format)

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